Foreign nationals come for job opportunities to India but are many a times not aware of Indian Taxation system. Even the Visa compliance is linked with tax certificates. We understand the difficulties that may strike their way. Many Non Resident Indians have investments in Indian properties and other business interests in India. Divestments and other activities involve taxation processes also. We provide non residents including NRIs best of the best solutions to advice on the taxes applicable on them and to plan those taxes effectively.

Areas that we cover in this are:

  • Applying and getting Indian PAN
  • Advice in FEMA matters
  • Preparation and advice on best project location
  • Project Finance Liaison
  • Sorting/ notifying changes in directors etc.
  • Government approvals in case of FDI
  • Repatriation of income
  • Filing Income Tax returns
  • Advice on DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements) Benefits
  • Assisting in VISA
  • Getting RBI approvals for purchase and sale of properties, securities etc.