Employees are backbone of any entity and their satisfaction is prime concern for any organization.Payroll is something really critical and secretive for any entity. Happy employees deliver more and contribute towards organizational goals. We bring to you a complete solution for your payroll needs and you can rely on us for a full fledge Payroll Outsourcing. Managing everything from break up, calculations, leaves, labour law requirements, social security registrations, contributions to issuing relevant documents like payslips, full and final statements, everything is handled professionally and in such fashion that has no scope for problems. You will see a dedicated professional team all updated and all hardworking. Helping you to see your staff satisfied in terms of payroll management is our motto. There are various provisions of labour law, which are applicable and commonly are not known, the same can be invoked any time, so to cope up with these things, one needs to be compliant, which is very easy when you have a source like us.You can outsource your payroll concerns to us and we will manage it all for you.

Why us:

  • In depth practical knowledge of payroll handling
  • No in-house team required
  • Volume handling experience
  • Timely processing
  • Minimal inputs required
  • Software based workings
  • Dedicated professional assignment
  • Reasonable processing fee
  • Confidentiality
  • Automatic leave deduction system
  • Various reports available
  • Ease in payment
  • Online login and view of each employee
  • Consolidated HR person view

Following is the key area we will help you with:

  • Helping in drafting employment agreement
  • Enrolling in the software
  • Forming most optimum salary structure
  • Adding and maintaining employee log with all personal details and even preserving their base documents in soft forms
  • Calculation and Feeding of salaries on a timely basis
  • Computation of personal taxes on employees and withholding of due taxes
  • Issuing various forms, payslips including form 16, Full and Finals etc.
  • Investment feeding and checking the investment proofs
  • Statutory deductions like PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Funds
  • Leave encashment and gratuity
  • Advising on labour laws and updating you about applicable laws.

Payroll isn’t just about paying your people. Let's reimagine your payroll

HR Management

Its impossible to run business without the most important resource- Human. Admittedly, there can be some organizations with perfectly placed human resources. But many have problems with this particular resource which stands them at potential business risk. Managing the right team is the buzzword. We help you in overcoming from human resource problems. We try to manage the situation by aligning organization and individual goals. We strive to upgrade the capabilities of the people and work with the executives to judge the right potentials required and available and fill in that gap.

Why should you outsource the HR management work:

  • Cost effective
  • Experienced persons handle the job
  • Professionalism
  • Core Knowledge of the field
  • Better team relations than in-house

Our area of work:

Updating about changes in employment laws, rules, regulations and guidelines and also the impact of those on the organizations.
  • Applying Legal framework of employment laws
  • Arranging the right team.
  • Making a link between mutual benefits of organization and employees
  • Assisting on discipline and rules for terminations to seek that all the work are done appropriately and in a well-documented manner
  • Expediting effective leadership
  • Preparing HR policy that suits best to both organization and employees
  • Explaining Job Description, job profiles etc. to suit needs of the entity
  • Benchmarking
  • HR transaction services, like salary disbursals
  • Identifying need of training and filling loopholes to avoid risks related with HR within the organization.
  • Designing salary structures
  • Social security advise
  • Tax assistance for international employees