Internal Audit is very important aspect, when we talk of assurance of true picture of state of affairs of an entity. It is checking within the entity. It helps in understanding and assessing risks and evaluates the internal controls and checks. It helps in ensuring optimum utilization of the resources of the entity, as well as timely identification of liabilities including the ones in contingent nature. Internal Audit helps ensuring adequacy of information systems security and controls. Statutorily also certain companies have to have Internal Audit in place.

What we offer you:

  • Assessing/ preparing Internal Audit Manual for the organization and Study of control objectives.
  • Advising organizational procedures being followed.
  • Analyzing Accounting and Audit manual.
  • Practicality and viability of existing controls and areas of improvement.
  • Assessment of risks and open points.
  • Checking the controls instituted within the system.
  • Determining controls that are adequate to meet control objectives.
  • Working out possible areas of improvement.
  • Comparison of written control policies and adherence to same.
  • Measuring deviation at test check levels.
  • Deciding on degree of control which is adequate depending upon organization to organization.
  • Consideration of Fraud in internal audit.
  • Internal audit sourcing and outsourcing.
  • Assets at risk and their protection.
  • Audit of Corporate Governance.
  • Evaluation of department for internal controls, if exist
  • Legal and situational internal control advisory.
  • Process Audits